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This can be normal, just a byproduct of your fluctuating hormones.Your menstrual cycle will eventually even out, and you will get a normal cycle (although it may not be the perfect 28 day cycle.) If you are sexually active and you notice something unusual with your menstrual pattern, there is always a chance that you could be pregnant. Birth control pills are only effective if you take them on a regular basis. Other reasons you may experience irregular periods, or missed periods, include excessive exercise, birth control pills, stress, and eating disorders.The length of time that your period lasts, and the amount of blood that you experience is influenced by the level of hormones that your body is manufacturing.Since a teenage girl is growing, her hormones are going to be fluctuating and this can change the amount of blood and the length of your period from one cycle to the next.This may be a sign of a reproductive problem, like premature ovarian failure.If you have at least one period within that three month range, you shouldn’t worry.Recently, there has been a flood of questions from my teen readers on my popular post, “Reasons for Missed Period – When You’re Not Pregnant.” I want to address the most commonly asked questions to alleviate any worries that teenagers may have about their periods.A teenager typically gets her first period between 12 and 14 years of age.

Excessive exercise can result in less bleeding, fewer periods a year, or your periods may stop completely.Your menstrual bleeding will become lighter and lighter until your period ends.In the first two years after you start menstruating (having your period), it’s normal for you to experience an irregular menstrual cycle.When you’ll have your first period depends on how fast you’re developing. If you haven’t had your period by 16 years old, visit your doctor and find out what’s the hold up. A regular period can last between three to seven days.During the teen years, you can bleed for even longer. The length of your period can change from month to month.

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