Dating and courtship patterns in japan

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A four would probably be hand holding with kissing at about a 7 (the implications of this would be no kissing until courting).

Spiritually you should be attending services or prayers with each other but not sharing too many of your spiritual struggles or repeated patterns of sin.

As you become more committed and serious, you can become more intimate and thus share more of yourself. A mutual cultivation of characteristics and attributes desired for healthy relationships. Simply put however, the goal of any healthy relationship is to make each other a better person, and in romantic relationships, it is to prepare one’s self, and the other for marriage.

To clarify, this is about calling each other to virtue and holiness, not about changing the other person.

This, in return, will hopefully lead to better communication between partners, and thus better relationships in general.

Every relationship, whether romantic or not, consists of four different domains—elements that when evaluated on a spectrum, can help one decide how far one is in their relationship.

It is a sharing of yourself in different ways: Spiritually, in that you share a prayer life, physically in that you engage in things such as hugging, handholding, kissing, and at the highest level sex, emotionally as you become vulnerable with each other and readily talk about your moods, pet peeves, and joys, and finally intellectually as you share with each other your beliefs, philosophies and reflections on life.Community involvement is essential, and as the relationship grows, the intensity with which you will come to know your partners community should grow as well.On the lower half of this scale you should be seeking some “back-up” and support from your friends whereas on the higher end of the scale your relationship should seek the approval of each of your families.These are how the various elements play out in dating: Commitment: When you’re dating, your commitment level should be about a 4 or a 5, meaning that you both understand that you’re in a “romantic friendship”.At this level of commitment you should be aiming to work out issues that would hinder normal friendship—you are committed to spending more time with each other, a moderate level of self sacrifice in activities and time management, and work through any minor fights without the threat of “leaving”.

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