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Chennai is gateway to the South, and its culture is distinctly different from that of any other city in India.Tamil tradition and culture are indigenous to this region and is essentially the celebration of the beauty, which is exemplified through dance, clothing, and sculptures.

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The English accent is different, there is a tendency to end sentences and words with -uh (Eg: I'm going there-uh.) and interrogative sentences with -ah (Eg: You are going there-ah? Unlike other major cities in Northern India, Hindi is not widely understood.

While there has been a significant increase in Hindi speakers in recent years, most locals will find it difficult to understand when you try to speak to them in Hindi.

It receives scanty rainfall from the south-west monsoon (Jun-Sep) while rest of India is lashed by heavy rains, but gets its bountiful rains from the north-east monsoon from October through December, thus amounting to about 125-150 cm (49-59 in) of rainfall annually.

Rainfalls occur usually from October to December and dried up scrub lands bloom with greenery during this period.

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